Anna Salomaa

Anna Salomaa
My Research  
The aim my PhD research is to study how the effectiveness of nature conservation could be increased through science-policy interface.
We live in the time of global environmental crisis when many environmental problems have complex nature and are linked to each other. Scientific knowledge has showed trends of degrading quality of environment, but unfortunately knowledge is not directly converted into policies and implementation solving the problems.
I study how scientific knowledge is translated into policy and implementation and deal with different themes that affect the outcome of science policy-interface. I approach the question interdisciplinary by focusing topical cases in environmental politics: EU green infrastructure policy, new Finnish nature conservation programmes and formal science-policy interfaces. The cases address climate change and biodiversity loss.  Methods include using expert questionnaire, stakeholder focus groups, document analysis and interviews. I think that doing research in collaboration with stakeholders is needed when studying global environmental challenges.
My supervisors are docent Riikka Paloniemi and professor Jari Niemelä. I have been granted fellowships in Doctoral program in interdisciplinary environmental sciences (DENVI) for 2014–2017. Research is done in collaboration with the Finnish Environment Institute and several national and international partners.
Previously I have worked in environmental social science and ecology research projects focusing e.g. on operationalization of ecosystem services, voluntary conservation, connectivity, climate change, and evolution of grass species.


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