Juhamatti Niemi-Kapee

Juhamatti Niemikapee


I have a background in ecology and biology from the University of Helsinki. My Bachelor’s thesis focused on green roofs in general and my Master’s thesis studied green roofs in more detail with the focus on mosses on bitumen roofs. I also have a degree and work experience as a international wilderness guide.

Today we face many problems caused by intense urbanisation – loss of biodiversity and storm water floods just to mention few. In my PhD studies I want to examine how we could benefit from the extraordinary characteristics of mosses and lichens which allow them to survive and flourish in a hostile environments such as human made artificial landscapes.

I started my PhD in 2014 with the supervision of adjunct professors Susanna Lehvävirta and Johannes Enroth. My research is also part of a wider research program ”The Fifth Dimension – Green Roofs in Urban Areas”. My research focuses on novel ultra light solutions concerning mosses and lichens on green roofs. My study nurtures an interdisciplinary approaches to green roofs, urban ecology, environmental sciences and biology.

At the moment I have two research roofs in Helsinki located in Kaisaniemi Botanical garden and in Meilahti Sports center. These test roofs cover altogether more than 5000 m2. My research is founded by Kone foundation.


Department of Environmental Sciences
P.O. Box 65 (Viikinkaari 2, Environment house)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki